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Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector's Edition

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Collector's Edition


Maximum order quantity: 2

****THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. Please visit the Namco Bandai and Tales Series Facebook pages for more information on availability.****

Tales of Symphonia Collector’s Edition Contents:

- Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for PlayStation 3
- Exclusive set of five Chibi Kyun Chara figurines from TALES OF SYMPHONIA and TALES OF SYMPHONIA: Dawn of the New World
- Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Multi-Disc music soundtrack
- Tales of Symphonia Chronicles printed novel detailing the events between both games
- Special collector’s packaging with artwork from Japanese animation studio, ufotable
- Numbered and limited to 15,000 units

**The collector's edition contents shown in the first image above are the Japanese version of the collector's edition and the appearance of each item in the NA version may be changed without prior notice.**

Experience the complete Tales of Symphonia adventure like never before with the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. The bestselling original Tales of Symphonia has been remastered with additional content along with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World that tells the complete Symphonia storyline in a single package. Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the sweeping epic adventure that is Tales of Symphonia.

Two Complete Games – Both Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New Wolrd comes together in a single package.

Enhanced audio and visuals – Remastered visuals along with the inclusion of a dual audio track including the original Japanese voices and the original theme songs for the fi rst time in Tales of history.

New Content – The original releases are now full of new content including new Mystic Arte Cut-ins, new costumes, titles, unison attacks, techniques, events and monsters.

Battle System – Exciting action packed, real time battle system including Unison attacks and the ability to capture and battle with over 200 monsters.


Platform: PlayStation®3

Genre: RPG

Fantasy Violence
Mild Language
Simulated Gambling
and Suggestive Themes

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